We would be delighted to welcome you aboard the yacht Yvonne close to the Palais des Festivals to our exclusive Noerr Rum Tasting on Wednesday, 13 March 2019, starting at 10.00 pm (open end).

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the harbour of Cannes while tasting fantastic spirits and meeting leading decision-makers from the real estate industry.

We look forward to receiving your RSVP and seeing you at MIPIM in Cannes!

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Having problems with registration? Should you have any questions, please contact our event team by email: events@noerr.com.

Please ensure before accepting our invitation that your participation is in compliance with any internal compliance regulations of your employer which may apply to you. Noerr LLP will in the event of your participation assume all taxes incurred on non-cash benefits pursuant to Section 37b of the German Income Tax Act, so that any possible tax liability for you resulting from the non-cash benefit is compensated.

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